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What makes us and our grass fed beef different.

Located in the Sprague River Valley, Oregon, Flying T Ranch was established in 1972 by the Topham family. The ranch is family owned and operated. Three generations have been involved on the Flying T Ranch. Our five member family has a combined 170+ years of experience raising cattle.

Salers cattle were introduced to the ranch in 1982 and have flourished here ever since. Our herd was closed in 1986 and no outside cattle have been added since then.

We take pride in the humane treatment of our livestock. The Ranch doesn't use any electric cattle prods and strives to handle cattle calmly and quietly. Our cattle are never fed antibiotics and we don't use hormones. Flying T cattle are not commingled with any other cattle thus reducing the risk of disease. The cows are summered on lush grass meadows, wintered on grass hay, and are not fed any grain. All Flying T cattle are born and raised on the ranch. Our cattle are free ranging and never live in confinement.

Unlike other breeds of cattle, Salers depend for warmth on an impressive winter hair coat instead of a layer of fat. This characteristic results in very little external fat on Salers carcasses. Since the early 1980's these cattle have been the breed to beat in carcass contests across the United States. As a result, Salers have become known as "the carcass breed". Flying T Ranch is proud to offer meat from our quality grass fed Salers for sale to the public. For more information contact us at (541)533-2416.

Why choose Flying T Beef?

Natural- Our cattle are never fed antiboitics and we don't use hormones.
Grass Fed- Results in greater flavor than grain fed beef.
Heart Healthy- Grass fed beef is higher in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta carotene and has less saturated fats than grain fed beef.
Local- All Flying T cattle are born and raised on the ranch.
Salers- Salers are the only breed of cattle raised on the Flying T. The breed is known internationally for its excellent meat quality.
Extra Lean- We do not add any fat to our ground beef or ground beef patties.
Traceable- Flying T cattle are individually traceable from birth, though processing, to your purchase.
Safe- Our beef is processed in a small, modern facility under USDA supervision near Springfield, Oregon.

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