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In the fall of 2011 it has been costing less than $1.25 per pound to ship beef on the west coast, when a person orders 40-50lbs at a time. Smallers orders cost more to ship per pound than bigger orders.

A person can estimate the shipping cost of an order by figuring the following.

  • Dry Ice costs $7.50 for 5lbs which is the minimum we can buy and has been plenty for shipping on the west coast.
  • We charge $5.00 handling to drive around town, get the box, get the dry ice, put it all together and ship the box at the UPS Store.

We have three sizes of box.

SizeDimensionsHolds x Pounds
Price of BoxTotal Price of Box,
Dry Ice, and Handleing
Price Per Pound
if Box is Full.
Total Weight
if Box is Full.
Small box.12"x16"x8"16lbs$9.00$21.50$1.3922lbs
Medium box.16.5"x18x16"45lbs$12.00$24.50$0.5454lbs
Large box.15"x22"x15"50lbs$18.00$30.50$0.6159lbs

The above covers everything except the shipping and the meat. We have found UPS to be the most cost effective. If you have a business address we can ship to, it will generally save some shipping cost.

The shipping cost can be guessed at by going to and using their tool to figure shipping costs. The starting ZIP code is 97639. Use the above demesions and the weight of the meat plus 7lbs to cover the weight of the small box with dry ice. Add 9lb for the medium or large box with dry ice.

Two examples

Small box Shipped to Forks, Washington(Zip 98331)
  • $64.00--16 lbs Ground Beef
  • $9.00--Small box
  • $7.50--Dry Ice
  • $5.00--Handling
  • $22.39--UPS Ground(22lbs. As of Nov 2011)

  • Total $107.89
    $6.74 per pound for 16lbs ground beef shipped to Forks, Washington
Medium box Shipped to San Francisco(Zip 94177)
  • $125.00-- 25 lbs Hind Quarter Pack
  • $76.00-- 20 lbs Ground Beef Pack
  • $12.00--Medium box
  • $7.50--Dry Ice
  • $5.00--Handling
  • $30.40--UPS Ground(54lbs. As of Nov 2011)

  • Total $255.90
    $5.68 per pound for 30lbs ground beef and a 15lbs varity of steaks and a roast shipped to San Francisco.

Other notes

We like to ship on Monday or Tuesday, that gives UPS most of the week to deliver the beef which allows us to use UPS ground for west coast delivery.

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